Email Your MP to show your support for the future of aviation

Prospect is campaigning for a package of measures to support the industry including:

  • The government should temporarily take on the cost of funding air navigation fees to ease the burden on airlines and give NATS security over income
  • NATS should be taken back into public ownership and reverse its decision to terminate over 100 Trainee ATCOs when the CJRS comes to an end, thus ensuring crucial skills and capacity are sustained
  • ‘Moonshot’ tests should be made available to the aviation industry on a priority basis to enable air travel to resume
  • APD should be suspended
  • Increasing the use of Public Service Obligations to facilitate domestic flights
  • Seriously consider the nationalisation of Heathrow and other key assets to secure their futures
  • Reverse cuts to planned investment in technology and airspace redesign to reduce emissions and ensure that the sector continue to meet climate targets as it recovers

More information can be found in this briefing document.