Lobby for a Brexit for working people

You may have seen the media coverage of the Government’s proposals to restrict the ability of non-British EU nationals to work in the UK. Prospect is a trade union that represents thousands of EU nationals working in the UK, and we are deeply disappointed at the government’s plans and the lack of certainty for the many thousands of EU nationals working across our public services.

Britain is a hub for science, research and other key areas of expertise because of our collaboration and the global reach of our workforce, that’s why Prospect has been campaigning on this issue since the referendum, and it’s why we will not stop, but we need your help.

Although the government says that it aspires to retain the ‘brightest and best’ talent in the UK, it has not said what criteria will be used to decide who qualifies. As it has already commissioned a separate investigation by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), our concern is that it will adopt an approach based on qualifying salary thresholds that is already used for citizens beyond the EU. As a result of prolonged public sector pay restraint, there is a danger that many highly skilled workers will not earn enough to qualify.  

Please help us lobby your local MP, and ask them to support a Brexit that works for working people, and to ensure we safeguuard the future of the UK economy. If you work as a professional in any sector in the UK, please also consider joining Prospect by clicking on the 'Join Us' link above.

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