Making the case for new nuclear

It has been announced Toshiba has withdrawn from the UK nuclear power plant construction project at Moorside and will be taking steps to wind-up NuGen. This is devastating news for Cumbria and for the wider nuclear industry, including the supply chain.

Despite warm words from Ministers, the Government has failed to agree a new financing model that would reduce the cost of new nuclear build and bring an end to the prolonged uncertainty that is proving so damaging to investment decisions. 

Prospect is calling on the Government to take a direct stake in future new build projects. Our analysis shows that this is the best way to ensure UK low carbon generating capacity to 2030 and beyond whilst also benefiting local economies and the public overall.  

The Nuclear Sector Deal sets out fine aspirations for the future of the UK nuclear industry. This is a crucial test of whether Government is prepared to stand by its commitments.

We need you to help amplify the union’s voice on this important issue by writing to your MP urging them to call on the government to urgently give the nuclear industry the support it needs. 

Simply enter your postcode below, and you'll be provided with the model email, ready to send to your local MP. You can amend the content of this email if you wish - the more personal your story, the more likely your MP is to engage. 

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