Rescue and recovery package needed for the creative industries

Write to your MP and urge them to support a rescue and recovery package for the creative industries.

The creative industries are in freefall and urgently need financial assistance.

We know that many of you are still campaigning for the government to provide assistance for freelancers who have fallen through the gaps of the income support schemes.

Now that the government is expecting employers to contribute to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme many theatres and venues are reporting they can’t afford to do that. Several high profile theatres have announced redundancy consultations and others have liquidation looming over them.

Those who are working in film and TV are still waiting to go back to work even though guidance has been published.

There are huge challenges ahead for the creative industries. That is why we urge you to write to your MP and call on them to fight on behalf of the creative industries now and not when it is too late.

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