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Scrap the Cap - Lobby your MP to end 1% pay cap

Public servants have seen their take-home pay cut by more than 15 per cent in real terms since 2010. The consequences are a fall in living standards, and increasing financial insecurity and hardship as incomes trail further behind the rising cost of living. Not only is the current situation an injustice to public servants, it is also damaging the vital services upon which the public depends. Attention often focuses on high profile workers such as nurses or teachers, but countless agencies and organisations - from safety regulators to research laboratories - are now struggling to recruit the engineers, scientists, technicians, surveyors and other expert professionals they need to carry out their vital public functions.

Prospect union wants politicians to commit to using their votes in Parliament to end the unfair and unsustainable cap on pay for public sector workers, and invest in the future of our public services.

Please ask your MP to support this campaign by completing your details below. It is only by working together to put pressure on politicians that we can make our voices heard.

A model email has been provided, but we suggest that you edit it to include your own background and experiences. Personal stories from constituents will carry more weight with MPs. (You'll see the model email after you enter your postcode). 

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