Email your MP to protect nuclear workers

We have just learned that there will be a vote in parliament on Monday on a government plan to impose a crude cap on public sector exit payments, including those working in nuclear decommissioning.

I am writing to ask you to email your MP before Monday to ask them to vote against this plan.

Prospect opposes this plan as the government have refused to take basic steps to ensure that the cap operates fairly and effectively and excludes all of those working in nuclear decommissioning who should not fall within scope of the cap.

As it is, there is a complicated process of relaxing the cap for certain areas and we are concerned that many nuclear decommissioning members will still be caught by the cap.

It is particularly unfair to cap compensation for workers who made a specific agreement to stay and complete decommissioning in return for a guarantee of an agreed level of compensation that would be payable when that work was complete and they were consequently made redundant.

Exit payments should be negotiated between worker and employers via their trade unions, not handed down on high by the government.

Overall this is a badly thought through piece of legislation that will arbitrarily punish members, including many who are not on high salaries.

Please urge your MP to vote against this plan on Monday.