Email your MP to help us ensure fair pay for public services workers

Now that the UK Government has announced the lifting of the pay pause for public sector workers outside of the NHS, we must ensure that this is a genuine step forward.   

Following the recent ONS announcement that average total pay growth for the private sector was 5% and on an upward trajectory, it is time the Government urgently addressed the broken public service pay systems.

In April, the Cabinet Office publishes new pay remit guidance, the Government should give public servants a real-terms pay rise, with pay awards that seek to protect living standards, enabling all public services workers to progress through their pay ranges.

After the heroic work public servants have done in recent months, whether on the pandemic, Brexit or many other issues, the least the Government can do is pay them fairly. Too many are underpaid for their hard work and vulnerable to the cost-of-living crisis.  

You can help us by writing to your MP, expressing your demand for recognition of the work that you and your colleagues do. We’ve pulled together a template below for you to use – but feel free to personalise it and talk about your job and the work you do. Adding some details about the work you and your colleagues do is likely to help engage and persuade your MP.
Please email your MP and help us get your voice heard.